2021 Mid Year Growth Prospects

Interested to find out what the mid-year growth prospects are for 2021?

In short…

  • New research has revealed that 86% of UK businesses feel ‘somewhat too very confident about growth prospects for the remainder of 2021.

  • Managers anticipate growth due to opportunities created by the pandemic, but the overall business landscape remains mixed.

  • Reskilling is a primary staffing concern for businesses hoping to evolve and recover.

The biggest factor standing in the way of growth is employers struggling to find employees with the right mix of skills, with the majority focused on reskilling and upskilling employees to meet evolving business needs and opportunities brought on by the pandemic.

Tech is enabling growth

UK businesses are relying heavily on technology for competitive advantage and as a means of driving the business forward in the day-to-day according to most recent data.

Just over a quarter of survey respondents (26%) are searching for digital or data skills in new hires to support this continuing initiative.

How will businesses maintain recovery efforts?

The future of work is built on a unique blend of soft skills and technical knowledge. Over a quarter of businesses are specifically hiring for this hybrid skill set so they can continue to support business digitisation. Digital/data management, change management, and communication is also showing strong signs of demand from UK employers in the current hiring climate.

Reskilling and upskilling employees is one of the biggest staffing concerns for nearly one in four employers as we move into the second half of 2021.

Keep your eyes peeled to see if the recovery efforts have been maintained by 2022.

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