Attracting More Women To The Male-Dominated Tech Industry

Over the last 10 years, the digital tech industry grew six times faster than the rest of the economy, with tech jobs now making up 9% of the national workforce after 40% growth in the last few years.

More than ever before, companies are relying on computer-based systems and online interactions, there is an enormous demand for qualified professionals who can maintain and manage IT Systems or create and manage specialist software. The financial opportunities within this sector are huge, Developers are earning on average £35,000 - £80,000k per year, depending of their level of experience.

However, studies have established that one-quarter of tech jobs in developed nations are held by women, with very few of the senior roles being allocated to female workers. When discussing this issue with IT Directors, they said they do not discriminate on gender and that they offer the role to the best candidate, whatever their gender.

An argument has been made that too few women are entering into IT Courses, which is why there is not enough qualified women to do the jobs. A study by the Guardian said that women outnumber men in 112 of 180 degree subjects. However, IT courses has 13,085 more male students than female across the UK. At Cactus Recruit we question, why are women staying away from this lucrative and exciting industry and what can be done to attract more females into the IT Sector?

There has continuously been a distinct lack of female CEOs among the top tech companies and more female role models in IT could help to entice workers into the sector. Success stories of some of the industries female rising stars such as Jo Eckersley, founder and CEO, Bubbl and Helen Fraser, Software Developer, Morgan Stanley. Both and been selected for their growing contribution to both the technology sector and the diversity in technology agenda. Their dedication to the industry is likely to make them future candidates for the top 50 list of the Most Influential Women in UK Tech.

Even where companies are robust at hiring women for IT roles, the industry still has a high attrition rate. In order to retain female IT professionals, companies need to ensure all workers are getting fair opportunities and an equal salary.

Organisations that promote their female staff will almost certainly attract more women into the business and could encourage more women to apply for the role. Especially if there is women in management, as this can give the candidates confidence that the job has future prospects. Women in tech jobs often feel they are passed over for promotion while their male colleagues rise up the ranks, so by promoting women to senior roles, new staff will immediately have confidence in their new employer.

More now than ever before are we seeing companies offering flexible working. While this isn’t always possible for employers, a degree of flexibility could ensure that females with families are able to join the industry making it more of an equal workforce.

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