Do YOU Really Understand How to Reference Check?

I mean… really?

The reason you are completing a reference check is to confirm the information you already have laid out in front of you… That’s it.

A reference check is NOT a chance to convince you that you’re making the right decision. If you need convincing at this stage, perhaps it’s an indication of some internal doubts you may have about that candidate.

BE CONFIDENT, in your decision before you make that reference call or email.

Most employers check references as part of the hiring process. Checking references involves contacting previous employers, supervisors, schools, and so forth to verify key employment and educational information and learn more about a candidate's background, experience, and skills.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to carrying out an informative and compliant reference check:


The candidate has given you a lot of information by the reference checking stage through…

  • CV or Resume

  • Cover letter

  • Interview(s)

Assess the information you have and think about the points you would like to clarify- and why?


Don’t head into the reference call or email without listing out the questions you want to ask the referee. To give you an idea of the types of questions you should be asking, here are some general examples:

  • Can you confirm they worked on this project?

  • What level of success did they have with that project?

  • Can you confirm they have good leadership and management skills?

  • Can you confirm that they work well under pressure?


As stated above, opinions can be dangerous when reference checking. You need to make sure all the questions are phrased in the most objective way possible. You want to build a picture of what it might be like to work with this person. Doing this will help you to carry out an effective and compliant reference check.

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