Headhunting as a Discrete Process

Most often, the best employees are already working for someone else – but that doesn’t mean we can’t get them to switch to your team.

The ability to attract the best employees is crucial to the success of any organisation and requires a unique approach- Discreetly.

Good relationships are built on trust, credibility, mutual respect and openness, but naturally also with a focus on discretion where necessary. We can ensure that your recruitment process is professionally managed, allowing you to concentrate on your work while we search for the very best candidate for your organisation.

The struggle to attract and retain the very best employees is challenging and never-ending, but we are ready to help you come out on top.

Our Method is as follows:


In order to gain an in-depth familiarity with the company’s culture, values and strategic goals so that we have a complete understanding of which candidate will be a good fit for the team, we always perform a thorough analysis of the companies with which we work.


By preparing a thorough job description, including the desired professional competencies, personal values, success criteria and development opportunities, we get a useful tool for the hiring process – both for internal use and for the candidate.


Identifying and initiating a dialogue with relevant candidates is no small task. Naturally, discretion and respect are key in this process. The first relationship-initiating contact with relevant candidates entails interviews and personality tests/analyses.


Cactus recruits headhunt candidates, firstly gets to understand the client's needs, then goes through the role and job brief with them, we then advertise the role and search for candidates across various job boards and use LinkedIn Recruiter. Alongside this, we headhunt candidates that are not on the market, through speaking to potential candidates we build talent pipelines, send shortlisted CV, manage the interview process, negotiate offers and deal with counter offers and support the onboarding with new candidates

For more information, please get in touch: Hello@cactusrecruit.co.uk | 01614704597

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