How Recruitment Agencies Save you Time & Money

Up front, hiring through a recruitment agency might seem like an expensive way to bring new people on board.

However, in-house recruitment has several hidden costs that may have not been considered. These costs even if thought of, are usually largely underestimated.

First of all, hiring isn’t a 1-man job. On average the hiring process is decided between 3 members of management. Hiring a new member of staff will take up A LOT of your managements time. Without the help of an agency, this process will take your team upwards of 10 weeks. In many cases this number can increase indefinitely.

You know what it takes to hire; endless CV’s, a non-stop ringing phone and a string of emails from applicants. Let’s not forget that your job needs to still be done! No wonder work related stress is rapidly rising. We have so much to achieve in our day to day work. When an unplanned hire comes along, everything goes into hyper speed. With that said, your management will spend an average of 10 full days, doing all recruitment-related tasks.

As we all are, you’re likely strapped for time! Do you know how long recruiting will take if it is done in-house? 10-12 weeks. On an unplanned hire. If you don’t have the resources to move quicker than this, you may lose out on quality candidates. Recruitment agencies will reduce your recruitment time by 6 and a half weeks. Most instances pulling in at 3.5 weeks.

At Cactus Recruit we’ve been known to do this MUCH faster, our turnaround is between 2-7 days, ensuring our clients always has the top quality candidates on the market place.

The reason behind this is simple, recruitment agencies are constantly looking out for and bringing in local talent within specialised areas. In recruitment, we’re the city of industries that never sleeps.

The crux of this is, we can do your recruitment more efficiently and effectively. When it comes to connecting people, it’s what we do, and it’s what we know!

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