Lies We Are Told About Recruitment Agencies

There are many whispers and misconceptions that cast a negative light on what it is that recruitment agencies actually do.

So, we have decided to shed a light on a few common misconceptions and provide a response to assumptions.

Assumption #1

“Job Seekers have to pay recruiters for their service”

Recruiters are compensated by the companies they work for, not the candidates they place.

Assumption #2

“ Recruiters only care about filling positions”

Truth: Recruiters want to build relationships with candidates so they can find the best opportunities for them. Many people assume that recruiters are only interested in getting a position filled, regardless of whether or not the role is a good fit for the candidate or the hiring company. At Cactus Recruit, we take the time to really understand not only the role and the type of person who will succeed in it but exactly w=hat the candidate is looking for in their next role. With our specialist methods, we are able to perfectly match the top talent with our clients.

Assumption #3

“Don’t tell a Recruiter your salary if they ask, they’ll never pay you more than that in the future”

The ultimate aim of the recruiter is to get the right person, paid the going rate, to do a job they are capable of, for as long as they can. When speaking to a potential candidate for a role, we always start with; what salary are you on and what are you looking for? We are transparent throughout the whole process.

Assumption #4 “Employers should use as many recruitment agencies as possible”

We understand the rationale behind this thought process: the more people tasked with sourcing candidates to potentially fill the role, the more quickly it will be filled – Right?

The Truth is using multiple recruiters to fill your role isn’t always the best idea and here is why:

  • Competition – Recruitment is a competitive industry and therefore recruiters are competitive people. When multiple agencies are working on one role, there is an urgency to fill this position. This means speed is prioritised over the quality of candidates. The result is that clients are presented with candidates that fit the brief but might be lacking that something special because the whole process has been driven by competition and speed.

  • Candidate Confusion – There is a good chance that candidates will be contacted by various agencies which don’t give the best impression and more often than not, ends up putting the candidate off the role.

Assumption #5 “It costs money to join an Agency”

It should NEVER cost you, as a candidate, any money to join a recruitment agency.

Assumption #6

“Recruitment Agencies only have jobs that are advertised elsewhere online”

This is untrue. In fact, many of our clients work fully exclusive with us.

Assumption #7

“We can get the same applicants by posting our ad on some job boards”

Unfortunately, this is not the case. There is soo much more recruiters do to ensure you always have the top talent on the market. The majority of our placements come from headhunting candidates who aren’t on the market or even thinking about changing roles.

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