Most Common Questions Asked by Hiring Managers

Are you wondering what the MOST COMMON question is, which is asked by hiring managers?


“How big is your pool of candidates”


“Do you have CV’s matching the requirements that you can send across straight away”

There is NOT a never-ending pool of candidates.

Don’t get me wrong, for temp & contract this can be beneficial...but when recruiting permanent candidates this is NOT the way.

In my opinion, stagnant talent pools are not effective.

The best and most effective way of recruiting is headhunting!

You get to handpick the candidates that you believe are the best for the job.

While job boards are great for showing you active candidates, headhunting allows you to precisely identify and target candidates from competitors or companies of your choosing.

Most people who are working full time, do not have the energy to start looking for a new job when they get home so it is very unlikely they will be on the job boards.

Candidates are often open to discussing opportunities even if they aren’t necessarily looking… so if done the right way you can target rare, high profiles; enabling you to attract, engage and hire the best talent!

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