Onboarding, what is it, and why is it important?

The definition of onboarding differs from one organisation to another, While the process tends to be similar, the time period and tasks involved make each onboarding program unique. Onboarding spans from the minute you make an offer, to the time the employee starts genuinely producing in a role.

The employee onboarding process is the process of introducing new employees to the organisation’s environment and culture. However, the time taken to achieve that might vary from one organisation to another.


The benefits of using employee onboarding automation are to avoid last-minute confusions and compliance issues, you need to have a solid employee onboarding process. Here are the benefits of employee onboarding:

  • Give you a clearly outlined onboarding template

  • Minimises the chaos made by paperwork

  • Shortens the employee onboarding lifecycle

  • Reduced manual intervention and human errors

  • Lessens the workload of the HR team

  • Provides a consistent experience to all new hires

  • Injects transparency into the process flow

  • Offers the employees a memorable onboarding experience


With costs adding up, it's imperative to keep the turnover rate to a minimum. Successful onboarding is the first step to eliminating thor problem for your business.

There is no fail-safe way to keep all new employees on board, but you can certainly improve the chances of success by following these guidelines:

  1. Disclose all the details about the job

  2. Create a ‘position profile’

  3. Set up the employee workstation with all necessary items

  4. Give your employee your undivided attention

  5. Provide all necessary paperwork

  6. Introduce your new employee to the whole team

  7. Help your employee avoid culture shock

  8. Sprinkle in some leisure time

  9. Regularly meet with your new employee

  10. Be prepared for the 90-day review

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