Reshaping the Interview Process

Traditional interviews are by no means dead. However, new processes are changing the landscape of how interviews are conducted and structured.

Asking candidates about their skills and experience has been the industry standard for decades but new interviewing techniques are being welcomed to the recruitment scene.

Let’s take a look:

Soft Skills Assessment

High-tech tools that draw on neuroscience now exist to assess candidates’ soft skills, such as flexibility and teamwork through surveys and mini-games. Recruiters are able to gain insights into these skills quickly and at a scale and speed which makes it easier to expand their reach on talent pools with diverse backgrounds.

Virtual Reality

This hot-trending technology is a common topic of recruitment. VR helps recruiters to assess decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Video Interviews

Definitely nothing new but this growing trend in video interviews allows recruiters to consider more remote candidates. Video interviews are particularly useful for roles where communication and presentation are crucial.

Job Auditions

These allow recruiters to see their candidates in action, while a job audition also allows a candidate to get a real sense of the job role. Throwing candidates in the deep end lets recruiters get a realistic sense of their skills.

Interview processes in the recruitment industry have changed a lot in recent years. As the candidate experience continues to be an integral part of the recruitment process, we expect that recruitment interview processes will continue to evolve alongside the changing technology on offer.

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