STOP selling yourself short...

Selling yourself effectively is no easy task but if you struggle to sell yourself, whether you're being modest or shy, you could be compromising your applications without even realising it!

At Cactus Recruit we often sit in on our client’s interviews. We offer training on what questions to ask in order to get the most out of the interview so you can make sure you are hiring the right staff.

While sitting in on interviews, I found that a lot of candidates undersell themselves when it comes to interviewing. Often some of the amazing accomplishments they have told me about, which I know would be of great interest to the client gets skimmed over or not mentioned at all (unless I have something to say about it of course).

I know it is hard but candidates please forget everything you’ve heard about self-proclaiming greatness equaling arrogance and accept that blowing your own trumpet is the only way a hiring manager will know you're qualified – providing your accomplishments are authentic and you don’t go overboard.

Lastly, due to Covid there is an abundance of candidates on the market so please don't let rejection doubt yourself and your ability – you will find the role you are looking for.

Keep going!

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