Tips On How To Work Remotely Effectively

1) Create Workspace. Firstly, make sure you’ve created a functional workspace that you’re happy with. It doesn’t need to be perfect but it does need to reflect your needs across the day.

2) Stay Organised. Devote more time to staying organised. Plan ahead and connect with your team daily.

3) Communication. The difficulty with working from home is the breakdown of communication. Communicating with your co-workers is so important not just for work but helps boost morale. Zoom can be a great alternative to F2F.

4) Create a schedule that works for you. While it can be useful to keep a routine, some studies have found that switching up your day can help you find a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.

5) Take Breaks. Coffee and lunch breaks come naturally in an office, but at home while in the flow can be neglected. It’s important to have breaks away from the screen, not just your productivity but your health.

6) Productivity. If you find yourself getting distracted, then mute notifications for an hour or so, so that you can properly focus. Just let your team members know before going off-grid!

If you are struggling with anything whilst working remotely, speak up and let your team / manager know so they can support you.

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