What IS a candidate-driven market?

A Candidate-Driven Market is something that affects all employers recruiting, with the candidates often in the driving seat and able to command more than just the best salary they can get.

Candidates have such a choice that they are able to command more competitive salaries, flexible working patterns, stronger study support and a full career development plan.

If a client can’t offer what a candidate is looking for, they’ll ultimately lose them to a competitor that can.

Here are some suggestions for finding the perfect candidate for the job role you are advertising:


The more positive information the better and consider what your own motivations were for joining the business; think about what you would have done after reading all of the available company information online and use that knowledge to your advantage.


The number of interview stages, speed of the process and information provided to the candidate prior to the interview, show you are serious about recruiting. A lot of potential employers lose candidates due to their hiring process taking too long between each stage as top candidates are being offered something better elsewhere.


Retention is about ensuring the employee is happy and there are many factors that keep a candidate with the same employer. It is important that the employee believes that the manager has their best interests at heart, is supporting them in their development with regular reviews, and ensuring that any problems are resolved early on before they become a bigger issue than they need to be.

Further Suggestions...

  • Ensure a strong brand is recognised by the candidate in the interview.

  • Display good values.

  • Outline future plans and recognise the areas to be improved.

  • Talk about the previous success and advertise this where possible.

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