Do you know what the most popular job search is?

Recent global events have thrust the importance of digital technology into the spotlight.

With that being said, the most popular job search at the moment is Software Developers...not only this, the position is in demand.

It has been reported that for the past few months, there have been consistently over 100,000 tech job offers per week.

Does this mean that there are more digital changes on the horizon and more opportunities?

In terms of ‘the world’, the demand for people with high-level digital skills is greater than the supply of suitably qualified employees, and the gap is growing. The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2022 emerging technologies will generate 133 million new jobs in place of the 75 million that will be displaced.

The UK is the fifth most digitally advanced nation in Europe, according to data from the EU. It is home to a large number of big tech businesses, and start-ups (valued at 1 billion+), than any other European country and estimates, are that it hire approximately 5% of the total workforce, globally.

What’s Next for Employers Looking to Hire Developers?

There will ALWAYS be a need to go to the market to get the BEST experienced talent, either permanently, or the vast army of specialist contractors that the UK market has. You will need to ensure you know how to engage with these potential employees and what you are doing to look for the top talent.

Here are some things to consider...

  • Hire slowly – but make it memorable.

  • One person does not typically build the best software; teams build it.

  • Go for talent, not a job for life.

  • Cultural fit trumps coding finesse – developing your non-tech staff.

  • They want to see code in action.

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