Workplace Culture; How Do You Find Your Ideal Fit?

The right workplace culture could make your career soar.

There’s a body of evidence to suggest that employees who are aligned with business ethos and have good relationships with their colleagues are more likely to stay with the company longer, work harder and be happier.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to identify a good fit — especially with the rise of remote working.

So, how do YOU find your ideal fit? Keep reading to find out…

What is workplace culture and why is it important?

The culture of a company is its personality and values — the things which make it unique. A positive culture…

Attracts talent, drives engagement and affects performance.

The core elements of what makes a job ‘good’ are more than a high salary and attractive benefits.

Workplace culture is the catalyst for your remuneration package, as well as the opportunities you are offered with the company and the level of happiness you feel when working there.

Know your own values before you begin

Working out a company’s culture can be difficult. To find the right cultural fit, you’ll need to enter the interview process with a very clear understanding of yourself and your values on a granular level.

Knowing this will help you to understand what's truly important in the job you take and to know the specific questions you’ll need to ask during your interview to find the best fit.

Do your homework

Head to the company website and find out what they prioritise; you can use public statements around diversity, sustainability or inclusion to help build a picture of the culture.

Pay attention to how well they can pivot

A company’s ability to pivot and meet a challenge can demonstrate how agile, innovative and collaborative the team is. If you’re looking for these specific characteristics in the DNA of a potential employer, searching for tangible examples will help you validate cultural claims.

Similarly, if you’re a poor fit for your current workplace culture, you may need to consider walking away from it and choosing a new opportunity.

Identifying workplace culture authenticity

You can often identify an authentic workplace culture by looking into the legacy that the company has built over the years they’ve been active. When company culture is genuine, business leaders are more likely to walk away from deals or business opportunities that aren’t a good fit for their brand.

Begin with an open mind

Once you’ve landed your new job and begin to steadily integrate with the new company culture, I’d recommend ridding yourself of any baggage associated with your last job. If you come with a closed mind, it's going to be really hard to make yourself part of a new culture, because you're going to say ‘well, that's not how we did it at my last company and I don't see why we would do it that way. An open mind is really, really important.

Integrating with a new culture remotely

Working from home often makes it feel slightly harder to integrate with a new workplace culture — we don’t have the opportunity to chat with people around the water cooler. Micro-interactions throughout the day are often what makes us feel connected to our new colleagues.

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